• Personalized Services

    Our security services are designed for all types of business. With strict supervision and backup from 24hrs dual control centre, we ensure that the staff deployed are checked regularly. We guarantee continuous manual and electric monitoring when on site ensuring that service levels are at the optimum at all times. We assign highly qualified and skilled, experienced security officers.

Closed circuit television (CCTV)

Following on from the increase in robberies being committed back
during the 1990s introduced CCTV surveillance systems.

CCTV has since proved to be a very effective deterrent and investigation tool. Similarly the technology in the field has made rapid advance

Our customer base is expansion and covers a wide range of business
in both the industrial and services industries.


With new technology advances the time lapse VCR which was and still is characteristic of many conventional closed circuit television systems has been superseded by digital recorded.

Our products combine digital multiplexing digital recording multiple use network viewing.

into a single easy to use and install cost effective package.


Masterpiece system only uses the best transceiver manufactured by
Motorola and KP. Motorola's alarm report transceiver.

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