• CCTV Systems

    Masterpiece Security offers a complete line of quality CCTV cameras and security cameras for surveillance systems. Our Cameras Ranges From; Indoor and Outdoor Cameras, Motion Detector and PTZ Cameras, Network IP Security Cameras, Video Recorders and Accessories, wireless surveillance cameras, Hidden and Nanny Cameras.


CCTV Systems

We as Masterpiece we pride ourselves in offering high end Enterprise grade CCTV installation equipment suitable for various niches’ from commercial, to enterprise, and industrial, military, municipal, banks, casinos, universities, border control, ports, malls and government agencies.

Video surveillance solutions can give you the tools you need to protect and manage your business. Security camera equipment is a strong deterrent against fraud and theft, and gives you the recorded footage you need to audit activity and make informed decisions. Masterpiece Security  offers a variety of digital video solutions that can allow you to have a superior level of control over your surveillance system and the ability to access to it from anywhere in the world.

The presence of cameras will make the would-be criminals to think of the action twice.

in the event of any crime activities or in other dubious situations, the piece of footage can be used as the evidence. This way one you can present the real culprits before the law.

CCTV cameras are a fine way to analyze and assess the employee activities in a healthy way. It is a good tool to ensure that no thefts are happening within the business or office or shops.

Any arrogant behaviors or actions of the customers towards the employees can be drastically reduced through the implementation of the CCTV systems. Meanwhile it can also protect them from any false accusations.

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