• Intruder Alarms

    An intruder alarm security system is designed to detect unauthorized entry into your home or
    business. The most basic Intruder alarms monitor a property for security breaches, such as the
    opening of a door or the breaking of a window. It detects any kind of intrusion and sounds an

No matter what type of intruder alarm you choose, Masterpiece Security provides Installation and maintenance which is very important to ensure your alarm is in good working condition and that there are no problems with false alarms.

We provide a range of Intruder Alarm systems from;

 Home Intruder Alarm Systems
 Integrated Intruder alarm systems – that can work with other systems such as CCTVs,
Fire Systems
 Commercial Intruder Alarm System for Offices, Warehouses, Industries etc.
 Manual Alarms activated by pressing a distress switch.

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