Digital surveillance and Audio Systems Optimized functions.

The future of video surveillance will come along audio systems to make both audio and video of the scenes where the CCTV cameras will be installed. Digital identification cameras will come with face recognition systems to keep track and database of the strangers who come in at the site and notify the administrator. Digital cameras with infrared technology will be developed to monitor different places even if lighting will not be available. In short, the t=future of Video Surveillance will be robust to help combat security issues at workplace or home.


Cloud-based management Access Control systems.

Modern Doorbells are now being connected to the internet to help you answer your visitors by voice. Technology is driving this sector at a faster pace. Modern cloud-based control systems will m=let you monitor your home in real-time at any place provided that you have the internet. These tools are going to save cost and be a primary solution to apartments in the country.


Creating Data-driven solutions using Video

Super cameras aren’t just becoming better with the things they record. They are also becoming effective mechanisms for processing data and storing it. Take an example of counting people at a football pitch or a music concert. You can’t count one by one, but with modern solutions like this, you are going to simplify your job and work at the comfort of your office.

Airport security has been reinforced by such security measures. Imagine if your cameras could tell you how many people visited the toilet or service room, or new people at your premises or building, that is the technology we are talking about.


Automation and Making Huge Leaps.

Imagine if your car was stolen and you can’t trace it in a busy city like Nairobi. You will be lucky because a camera at a parking lot was able to capture that scene. But even if you have the video evidence, how are you going to track the culprit down? You will spend hours trying to combine footage around the city which may be in vain.

But with data processing Automation, Artificial intelligence intelligent analytics is what is going to do all that. The future of traffic monitoring using CCTV systems will be automated with features like Quick Search, whereby you can just enter your cars number plate and the database finds the location of your car. With this data analysis technology, you will be able to scan and review videos in seconds for specific people, number plates or clothing items without using the tape recordings.